We are the company

We are the operator of the leading oncology clinic in Central Asia. The company works according to the standards of advanced oncology clinics of Germany.

We are a clinic

We work on the basis of the German clinical system, which has no analogues in Central Asia. The clinic is based on the progressive scientific and medical experience of Germany and is equipped with advanced medical equipment.

We are the team

We are the team of qualified specialists in the field of medicine from Germany and Uzbekistan. Our employees are trained and educated in leading medical centers of Europe.

Our missions

1. Implementation of high European standards in the field of oncology in Uzbekistan.
2. Providing access to the best German medical services in Uzbekistan.


1. Only advanced technology and the best personnel in oncology will provide competent medical services to save lives.
2. Uncompromising and the German approach - a successful way to help the patient.

Activity Basis

The GOC project is based on a holistic approach to oncology, offering all types of oncological services with emphasis on high-tech treatment methods.