About company

Progressive Medical Service is one of the first companies in Uzbekistan, which is engaged in introduction of completely new methods of work in healthcare management system, based on the international standards. We offer our services in implementation of complex clinical projects, establishment and administration of multidisciplinary medical facilities for Uzbekistan and CIS countries. Our basic direction is system integration of modern medical technologies for turnkey launch of clinics, radiotherapy and radiology departments of oncological institutions with the possibility of service and clinical process support as well as target personnel training.

Company’s experience in medical planning and administration meets current requirements of the time as accurately as possible and allows developing individual projects with well-established and highly effective medical management, aimed at development of healthcare in Uzbekistan for the benefit of our people.

Flexibility, reliability and professionalism are qualities that every company possesses, according to its statements. However, the question remains open as to whether these qualities are valid and reflected in practice, meeting international standards of process management, including in medicine. Progressive Medical Service has demonstrated the above-mentioned qualities, reflecting the essence of the Company’s philosophy, its goals and objectives, and the connection between theory and project implementation. One of indicators – successful carrying out of the Central Asian Oncological Congresses CARO, the purpose of which was the assimilation in Uzbekistan and Central Asia the advanced world achievements in the fight against oncological diseases. Today, the Congress serves as a hub for communication of Central Asian specialists with leading foreign specialists.

In addition to Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries, CARO was attended by specialists from Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Korea, China, Mongolia, South Africa, Australia, as well as such high-tech equipment producing countries as USA, Germany, UK, Sweden, Japan.